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 Accept Payment

Accept Payment

        This menu accepts payment from the customer, and updates the customer balance on the database (i.e., the place where data is stored).  If you wish to make the payment later (i.e., when you are not interested in taking any Video or don’t want to return any Videos issued but wants to pay the balance amount) this menu is useful. When you click the accept payment menu, a window will be provided for entering the customer details as shown in Fig 66.  


                              Fig 66. Enter details of customer


After selecting a customer, click OK button. Another confirmation window will be shown as in Fig 67.  

                                        Fig 67. Customer details confirmation  

  If you click the OK button, Receive payment window will be shown as in Fig 68.  


Fig 68.  Receive Payment Window

Here two fields- Payment Type and Payment Received are provided for entering the details of payment done. Payment type i.e, whether the payment transaction is done in cash, DD, cheque etc and the amount received can be entered into the database for this customer. When you click the OK button, the payment details are stored.