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Tip of the day

  Tip of the day is useful when user wants to learn about the main functionality of VideoManager day by day. The tip of the day window is as shown in Fig 122.


                                                    Fig 122. Tip of the day Dialog


This menu enables you to register the VideoManager + Software by entering the registration key details. The Register Dialog box is as shown in Fig 123.


                                            Fig 123. Register Dialog.


Add/Remove Keyboard Shortcuts

This menu will enable you to add your own custom keyboard shortcuts to the existing menus. The dialog box is as shown in Fig 124.


                                                                        Fig 124. Customize Keyboard

Help Topics

  This invokes the help topics file. The main short cut keys of VideoManager is given below. The short cut keys are case insensitive ie whether you use capital letter or small letter it is immaterial.

Issue                                  I

Receive                              R

Accept Payment                 A

Add Video                          Ctrl + A   

Print                                    P or Ctrl+ P

Add Customer                    C 

Add New Stock                  D

Search/Edit/Delete Video  Ctrl+F

Modify Stock                       M

Sales Check Out                 O or Ctrl+Q

Sell Video                             S

Backup Database                 Ctrl+S

Add Misc Transaction          T

Print Priview                         Ctrl+W 

Show Creators                      Ctrl+Alt+S 

Help                                      F1 


About VideoManager +

                        The about dialog box is as shown in Fig 124.


                                                        Fig 124. Video Manager About Box