Main Features
  • Flexible rates, taxes, membership , reservation charge, late charge, offers.
  • Point of sales module.
  • Various types of reports.
  • Automatic E mailing to selected customers informations like Due list, && greetings, new film list etc.
  • Management of preorders.
  • Option for connecting any type of bar code scanner.
  • Product customization using Plug in technology.
  • File backup/restore and compacting the database.
  • Printing in windows and DOS mode.
  • Network Ready, software will work with multiple terminals. Customer photographs.
  • Security ie different privileges for employers to see and update the data.
  • Printable Manuel.
  • Provisions for renting items other than videos (Like VCD, VCR, Generator).
  • Tracking of all the income, expenses, asset and liabilities.
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