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Cancel Reservation

Cancel old Issue



            This menu is used for issuing videos to the customer. Procedure is given below. Click on the Issue menu on Rentals or press I key on key board. The widow will be displayed as shown in Fig 54.

                             Fig 54. Issue Videos to Customer

  Please type any of the three details. If you get the customer code, name or phone number specify it in the appropriate box. During the typing, you can see the matching details. Select the customer details you want. Click OK or press enter. Then a window will appear as shown in Fig 55.


                                              Fig 55. Confirming a Customer

A confirmation dialog box will appear. It will help you to confirm the customer. If the selection is wrong you can cancel it, else click OK or press Enter.  If the customer made any due returns, a message will display to inform you that this customer made due return. If you do not want to issue video, click Cancel, else click OK to continue. If the customer did any reservation, VideoManager will notify you by displaying a message. If you want to list reserved videos, click or press Enter or Yes button else choose No button.


                                      Fig 56. Selecting a Video for Issue

  To select the videos, specify the number or name of the video. You can see the matching videos on each keystroke. Select the video you want. Specify number of days of rental in the period.  Click on OK button or press Enter to select the video. A message will display to ask about the next selection. If the customer took more than one video click Yes or press Enter for next selection. The window that  is closed will display again. You can select the video as written above.  If  the video selection is completed press No.

Now you can enter in to the payment session. The window will be displayed as shown in Fig 57.


                                                        Fig 57. Making the Payment


Top of this window will display the details of customer who took the videos. You can change the issue

date as any previous date when data entry is failed on that day (when a situation might come as

operating system problems, electricity problems etc.).  Video list will list the videos that are taken by

the customer. The following are the other provisions while issuing.


§         Issue Offer:   It is used to issue the free video.It will be disabled if you are not offering it. You can set up free offer in the Setup menu. See help on Setup.  If your customer’s total rental is greater than or equal to the number you specified as rent x, the issue offer become enable. Select the video which you given as free. The button will be enabled up to issue of total number of  free videos you specified in the Setup. If you set it as rent 3 videos get 1 free, customers who get 6 videos can have 2 free videos. So issue offer button will be enabled for two issues. It will be disabled after that.

§         Accept Payment:   This option will help you to skip or enable all payment process. According to the nature of your business you can use this option.

§         Apply Tax: You can apply or disable tax. When you disable Tax, the tax rate will cut off from the actual amount. If you apply it, it will add the rate of tax with actual amount. See changes on new balance while accessing this option

§         Disable Special rate: By clicking this option, you can enable or disable the special rate. If you enable the special rate it will cut off/add  amount according to the percentage of special rate on that day. If you disable, it will become actual amount. See changes on new balance while accessing this option.

§         Give discount: By clicking this option you can give discounts to your customer, friends and relatives. Specify the discount in money in the text box. See changes on new balance while accessing this option.

§         Print receipt: You can print receipt. Just click on it. If it is checked it will take print out when OK button is pressed.

§         Disable Reservation: If you are issuing the videos which are reserved, it will cause to apply reservation charge specified in the Rental rates in the rate option on Setup. You have any desire to disable it, just click to make it check. See changes on new balance while accessing this option.

o       Payment: 

§         Previous Balance: This will display the balance of the customer. If it is a negative value (Eg: -110), the customer has to pay that much amount. If the amount is a positive value (Eg: 110), then you have to pay that much amount to your customer.

§         Cost of the Rental: It displays the total amount of rental

§         New balance: It will display the new balance after the calculation with previous balance. If it is a negative value (Eg: -20), payments of the customer is in pending. If it is a positive value (Eg: 20), you have to pay the amount to your customer. The new balance will change according  to changes in the amount paid.

§         Amount paid now:   You can enter the amount paid by the customer in this box. While entering, the new balance will change.

§         Paid By:   This option will help you to specify the customer payment type.

o       To add a video in this list using this window, just click on the ADD button. It will display the video selection window. Procedures are same as written above.

o       You can remove the video, which is selected by the customer. Select the video in the video list. Just by clicking on the Delete button, you can implement it.


                Click Issue when all the procedures are completed. If the paid amount is either less than the balance or greater than the amount, it will display a message whether the due amount has to be added to the customer balance account or not. If you choose Yes, VideoManager will keep this balance. If you don't want to keep it in customer balance account or you have made any error you can choose No.



    This menu is used for receiving Videos from the customer. When the user clicks the Receive menu a dialog box will be shown as in the Fig 58 which contains the receive video number to be entered.

Fig 58. Enter Video ID

Upon entering the number and pressing OK, a dialog box will show the videos taken by this customer and not returned, with the current  video in the right side. The dialog box is as shown in Fig 59.


        Fig 59. Receive Videos

            Provision is there for paying the amount, charging rewind charge, giving discount, charging damage charge, viewing individual video rental details etc. Select all the videos to be returned by the customer, enter the amount paid and click OK button. The issued videos are received by the owner.


This menu gives the option to reserve the videos. For this, first select the customer from the window below in Fig 60.

                           Fig 60. Selecting a video for Reservation  

  After selecting a customer, press the OK button, then you will get a confirmation window as shown in Fig 61.


                                                       Fig 61. Confirming the Customer


If you press the OK button, a message box will  appear indicating that the customer has to make due returns (if any) and asking whether you have to make reservation for this customer.

If you press OK, you will get another window from which you can select the video that is to be reserved. There is also option for specifying the period of reservation and the date at which the video will be taken by the customer. This window is as shown in Fig 62.  


                                          Fig 62. Selecting the Video For Reservation


If you press the OK button, you can select another video. If you have finished making the reservation, press the ‘Enter’ and you will get the list of videos that are reserved. This window is as shown in Fig 63.  

                                                 Fig 63. Making the Reservation


If you press the ‘Reserve’ button, the videos will be reserved. If you do not want to reserve, you can press the Cancel button. This also contains the provision for adding and deleting the reserved videos.

Cancel Reservation

This menu allows you to cancel a reserved video. For this, you have to make a selection  from the following window. The window contains the details of the reservation like customer ID, customer name, the details regarding the reservation like reservation date, video names etc. The window is as shown in Fig 64.  

                                                  Fig 64. Canceling the Reservation

If you press the ‘Cancel’ button, you will get a message box asking “Are you sure you want to cancel the reservation item”. If your answer is Yes, that item will be cancelled from the reservation list. If your answer is No, the item will remain in the list. If you press the ‘Close’ button in the above window you will escape from this window.

Cancel Old Issue 

This menu is useful when the item that was issued is a damaged one or is not readable. This menu is used to cancel those orders. For this, you will get a window containing issue number, customer ID, customer name etc. The window will be as shown in Fig 65.


                                     Fig 65. Selecting the issue for Cancellation  

    After selecting an item from the above list press the OK button. A message box will appear asking “Are you sure you want to cancel the issued item”. If your answer is Yes, another message box will appear “Issued item is cancelled and customer balance is updated”. If your answer is No, you will see the window above. If you press the ‘Close’ button in the above window, you will escape  from the above window.